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Water Hyacinth / Water Primrose Coverage on Waterways of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Derived from NASA Landsat Satellite Imagery

Latest Image Date: September 05, 2018
---------------------------------------------FLOATING INVASIVE UPDATES----------------------------------------------------
This total current acreage of Water Hyacinth / Water Primrose (WhWp) detected in Delta waterways was 9% higher overall than the total WhWp acreage detected by Landsat imagery at this same time last year. The greatest increase in density of WhWp since this time last year was detected on the Sherman Lake, Big Break, and San Joaquin River sections.

FIGURE CAPTION   The map displayed above of live water hyacinth and water primrose (WhWp) combined coverage on Delta waterways was derived from the latest cloud-free Landsat satellite imagery. Areas estimated with a high probability (greater than 50%) live WhWp coverage are identified as blue-shaded (30x30 meter) pixels. Note: Results shown in this map are not routinely validated and should used as provisional estimates only of WhWp growth locations on Delta waterways,

Reference:​​ Potter, C, S. 2015, Using Satellite Remote Sensing to Map Changes in Wetland Plant Cover in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta of California, U.S North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) Committee, All Bird Bulletin.

** To acquire new maps of invasive plant coverage at much higher resolution (i.e., centimeters), down to the level of individual plants on Delta waterways and Bay marshlands, please contact​​ **